Arizona's Premier Homestay

About Arizona Homestay Group ® “Arizona’s Premier Homestay”

Arizona Homestay Group is setting the new standard for international homestay in Arizona.  Arizona Homestay’s network of hosts and partners is supported by local contacts, all of whom strive to provide international students with a culturally enriching homestay experience in an Arizona host family home.

Arizona Homestay will work closely with the State’s Universities (ASU, NAU and U of A), other Universities (such as Midwestern University), Technical & Trade Schools (such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical School) and other colleges - such as Paradise Valley, Scottsdale Community College and various other public and private colleges within the State.

Arizona Homestay Group is based on the values of offering exceptional hosts that provide enriched experiences to international students.

Tracy Todaro - V.P. and Co-Founder of Arizona Homestay

Tracy has been a resident in Arizona for over 20 years now.  Tracy has extensive experience in the homestay industry in Arizona and loves working with both students and homestay hosts and enjoys and offering wonderful cultural experiences to both the homestay family hosts and international students alike.

As the co-founder of Arizona Homestay, Tracy is focused on creating a new name for homestay throughout the State of Arizona and specifically in Phoenix / Tucson and the surrounding areas.  She is dedicated and committed to finding high quality homestay hosts that can create memorable cultural experiences for International students studying at the colleges and universities within the State of Arizona. She is cultivated strong partnerships with local Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools and other Institutions that will expand and enhance the opportunities for International students.   

Tracy can be reached at 602-321-5263 or by email at