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One of the best things about a homestay is the opportunity for both guests and hosts to experience another culture by sharing their lives in a home environment. Right at Home Homestay welcomes all kinds of guests from every corner of the world regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or customs. These guidelines have been established to make it possible for most guests to live in a homestay while adhering to their pre-established food restrictions.

Hosts will make the special effort not to include the offending meats or foods in the guest’s portion of the meal. Whenever possible, a portion of any sauces, dishes, or casseroles to include offending ingredients will be reserved in a separate container before any offending ingredients are added. If the guest desires to include special meats or extra vegetarian dishes with the meal, s/he is welcome to purchase and bring a prepared portion of food to the table on dinner nights. If needed, the host will be happy to warm the prepared food in the microwave.

There are many convenient vendors of deliciously prepared Halal, Kosher, vegetarian, and other specialty/ethnic foods in our area. Hosts will gladly help their guests locate the best places obtain foods to accommodate their needs.


Just like any rental, university housing, or food plan agreement, a homestay costs  per night from move- in day to move-out day – whether or not the homestay guest is sleeping or eating in the homestay. When a guest spends nights away from the homestay, the homestay fee must be paid according to schedule. Likewise, when guests choose not to eat their meals in the homestay, the homestay fee must be paid according to schedule. This policy is in effect throughout vacation periods, emergency departures, summer months, and during religious holidays.

Guests wishing not to pay for nights not spent in the homestay must move out before the first day of absence. Homestays cannot be reserved for guests who are not paying the homestay fee according to schedule. Right at Home Homestay reserves the right to pack and store the belongings of an absent homestay guest who owes a late homestay fee and to give the room to another guest. When the homestay fee has been paid and, if necessary, the key has been returned, the belongings will be returned.

All guests who have moved out of a homestay prior to an absence are welcome to return to the Right at Home Homestay program by applying through the website and paying the Placement Fee. Requests for a specific homestay will be honored, subject to availability.