Thank you for your interest in being a host for Arizona Homestay.

We will promptly process your application and if you are located in our primary placement areas we will be in contact you to move your forward in the application process, home visit and background check.

We offer a generous stipend for our hosts. Once you become a qualified host, we will place you with a student that we feel is a good a match based on our experience and your qualifications.  

Hosts will be paid by Arizona Homestay for the first 4 weeks stay of the student and subsequent payments will be paid directly by the student.  It is up to the host to determine any tax liabilities of income received from any Arizona Homestay student.

Compensation is as follows.

Individual students: $24.82 per night which totals $695 per 4 week stay if host provides meals.

$20 per night which totals $560 per 4 week stay if student does not request meals. 

Couples: $45 per night for (shared room) which totals $1260 per 4 week stay if host provides meals. 

It is the host responsibility to stay in communication with the student to determine the length of stay.  Students are advised to give a 2 week notice if they decided to leave homestay.  Please advise Arizona Homestay if you are no longer available for hosting or if your student gives notice of leaving.  

Please refer to our HOST page to see the liability and responsibilities of our host.

Arizona Homestay is a placement agency and is available for support and compliance of student responsibilities. 

Hosts will be generously compensated for their hospitality and are responsible for paying a $40 monthly management fee per student to Arizona Homestay LLC each month when their student pays.  Hosts will receive an electronic invoice on the date of the original student placement and any subsequent months that the student is actively paying the host.  Invoices are payable upon receipt or host will no longer be allowed to have students placed through Arizona Homestay.


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