Arizona's Premier Homestay

Host Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities:

  1. Host will provide a safe home for the students with healthy and fresh food accommodating any special diets that have been determined upon placement.
  2. Host will insure that student is familiar with the area and transportation to and from school.
  3. Host will have a contact number and provide the same for the student in the event of an emergency.
  4. Host will provided Arizona Homestay any updated information such as additional family members or individuals that will be staying in the home.
  5. Host will sign all documents including but not limited to Host Agreement, Insurance Liabililty forms, Tax Liability forms and Host Management fee forms.
  6. Host will report any medical, safety, concerns or legal issues that arise within 24 hours of occurance.
  7. Host will stay in contact with Arizona Homestay regarding any issues that affect the hosting or the well being of the students.
  8. Host will be responsible for collecting payment from the student on a monthly basis and paying the Host Management fee directly to Arizona Homestay on a timely basis. 


Hosting international students and scholars is a great way to stay home and make friends from all around the world. The host application process includes an application, a criminal record check for all household members over 18, personal references, and a home visit and interview.

Homestay is not a rental agreement. Its purpose is to include international students (homestay guests) in your life for the purposes of helping them learn English and experience American culture. Hosts must be excited about this mission. If you are strictly looking for a roommate to supplement your income, then hosting may not be for you. 

Hosts provide each homestay guest with the following:

  • Intentional, relaxed conversation in English
  • American cultural experiences (e.g. outings, the mall, local sites, museum or family gatherings).
  • A comfortable, private bedroom, including bed, linens, desk, desk chair, desk light, comfortable chair, free internet access, and air conditioning from May 1 to September 30
  • Access to a shared bathroom,  laundry facilities, cleaning supplies, a microwave and toaster oven (in the kitchen), and space in a cupboard and refrigerator to store personal food.
  • With our meal plan, a variety of healthful foods for daily, continental self-serve breakfast and nightly dinner and lunch on weekends.
  • Nightly dinners including minimum Four fresh, sit-down, family-style dinners a week in which English is spoken and enjoyed
  • Assistance with transportation on the first day of class.
  • Assistance with opening a bank account and obtaining a local cell phone.

Hosts must complete our application, interview and have a home visit.  A criminal background check will be performed for anyone over the age of 18 that lives in the home. 

Arizona Homestay will place the student and collect the first months fees from the student(s), and in turn, pay the host less the background check fee and monthly management fee to Arizona Homestay.  Thereafter, the host will collect the monthly fee directly from the student(s) after the first 4 weeks. Arizona Homestay is available for support throughout the stay of the student(s). 

Hosts will be generously compensated for their hospitality and are responsible for paying a $40 monthly management fee per student to Arizona Homestay LLC each month.  Hosts will receive an electronic invoice monthly and any subsequent months that the student is actively paying the host.  Invoices are payable upon receipt or host will no longer be allowed to have students placed through Arizona Homestay.