STEP 3: We will let you know when we have a host match and you will then pay your  Homestay Fee of $695.00 for 28 nights of homestay.  We are excited to find you a wonderful host home.

Please go to top of page to see the instructions. 

There is an added 4%  administration charge added for credit card payment. Contact us if you would like to pay by cash or bank transfer. Thank you.

Please make sure you fill out all required questions* and that your application is submitted.

Homestay is available on a first-come first-serve basis. It is important to apply as early as possible.  We cannot place you until your one time application and placement fees have been paid.  Application and Placement fees are non-refundable unless homestay is not available. Once a student has occupied a homestay, there are no refunds for the first four-week session.

Please call us with any questions. We are happy to help and we want you to have a wonderful experience!

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STEP 2: Once your application has been received, accepted and the fees have been paid,  we will begin the matching and placement process. 



Application and Placement Fees

A one-time $95.00 Application Fee and $225.00 Placement Fee is due once you submit your Application. $330 Placement fee for High School Students.

For couples, the Placement Fee is $400.00. Both the Application and Placement Fees can be paid online by Visa, Master Card, or American Express, PAYPAL -- or by a Western Union money transfer.

Homestay Monthly Fees College Students
The Homestay Fee for your first four weeks is $695.00 which includes a meal plan ($24.82 per night x 28 nights).  The fee is $560 for Homestay without a meal plan ($20 per night x 28 nights).  The homestay fee for couples traveling together is $1260 total for 4 weeks with meals.  Homestay Fee is due no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival.  All fees are payable to Arizona Homestay by bank transfer, money order, cashier's check, travelers cheques, cash, credit or debit card (no personal checks please). 

Please contact us for High School Pricing

(All fees & costs quoted are based in U.S. funds)

STEP 1: ​Please fill out a student application. Once you complete the application, we will contact you.  You will then pay the application fee and placement fee.  If you are a college student, you can pay these fees now if you would like by clicking the button below.

Payment with Credit Card Only

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